The Song Is My Story

‘The Song is My Story’ Review

13 Jul 2015

Celestial Bird Dance, the first song on the album (the intro), is too short for my liking. The beautiful melody composed in 1970 deserves more than just over a minute.

It is one of those songs that make you want to listen to it more than once before you allow the rest of the CD to play.

The fifth song on this album is undoubtedly one of the best. Titled Spiral Mist, it is just one of his many songs that prove just why Ibrahim is hailed as one of the greatest pianists to come out of Africa.

Kalahari Pleiades is an ethereal offering by Ibrahim.

Make sure to listen to track nine titled Twelve By Twelve. It has a sort of calming effect to the listener.

The entire album is made up of gentle harmonies and mesmerising sounds. Listen to this album and you will discover the beauty of this genre.

It is very disappointing that Children Dance, the last song on the album (the outro) is even shorter than Celestial Bird Dance. The 33 seconds of the song display a fun and playful tune that should have been allowed more time on the album. One can only hope that it was a taster of something great to come.

Accompanying the CD is a DVD, which explains the history behind some of the greatest hits of all time such as Mannenberg, District 6 and Blues for a hip king.

This is a must have for every collection of beautiful things.

— Xanderleigh Dookey