Blue Bolero from upcoming Abdullah Ibrahim solo piano album Solitude is streaming

We don’t often get ”earworms” but did back in 2016. The piece that became one was ‘Blue Bolero’ heard live. The artist, Abdullah Ibrahim (above: photo via Gearbox on Bandcamp). …

Preorder Abdullah Ibrahim – Solotude Vinyl LP

Each year on October 9th, Abdullah Ibrahim performs a solo piano concert at the Hirzinger Hall in South Germany in order to celebrate his birthday. Due to lockdown restrictions last year, this …

Abdullah Ibhrahim on BBC3

Kevin Le Gendre presents an interview with piano great and anti-apartheid activist Abdullah Ibrahim, dubbed “South Africa’s Mozart” by Nelson Mandela. Looking back over his five-decade career, Ibrahim shares some …

Gearbox Records release ‘Understanding the Balance with Abdullah Ibrahim’

Gearbox presents ‘Understanding ‘The Balance’ with Abdullah Ibrahima one-off online masterclass with pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim 10 segments, each 2 minutes long Available on Vimeo with password access Password and …

Giants of Jazz – Dream Time

Tuesday, 23.03.2021 / 8 p.m. Prinzregententheater Catch-up date for April 21, 2020! Cards remain valid! “People don’t like Abdullah Ibrahim, they adore him.” The Guardian London 50 blinding years of …

Japan SA

Honouring a special SA, Japan history

“As my term in South Africa draws to a close, allow me to share my thoughts in this column. I served in South Africa as a diplomat for a total of 21 years intermittently since 1987.”

Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma: A New Equilibrium Live Session – Take 1

Yo-Yo Ma returns to the IDAGIO Global Concert Hall on October 23, 2020, with a live concert event honouring the 75th anniversary of the UN’s creation.


Abdullah Ibrahim in Japanese news

Abdullah Ibrahim City Press

Ibrahim: ‘n Blik tot anderkant die Melkweg

Die storie begin dekades gelede toe Abdullah Ibrahim ’n leerling aan die Trafalgar High School in Distrik Ses was. Leergierig het hy gaan rondkrap in argiewe en opgelees oor Anthony van Japan, die eerste Japannees aan die Kaap wat as slaaf vir Zacharias Wagenaer (Jan van Riebeeck se
opvolger) gewerk het.

Abdullah Ibrahims Japanese Cosmology

Water from an Ancient Well: Abdullah Ibrahim’s Japanese cosmology

“In Japan, there is a concept called Ikigai – which means, what is it that you want to do when you wake up this morning. My Ikigai is what I’m doing. It’s almost like finding your destiny. That’s what the music does.”

Abdullah Ibrahim

‘I try to perfect something that is not possible to pefect’ – Abdullah Ibrahim

The slightly eccentric and vaunted pianist Abdullah Ibrahim – Mr Dollar Brand – is 85 years old and is one of the last living legends of South Africa’s golden age of music.

Blues for District Six

early one new year’s morning when the emerald bay waved its clear waters against the noisy dockyard a restless south easter skipped over slumbering lion’s head danced up hanover street …