Abdullah Ibrahim signs with The Kurland Agency

Abdullah Ibrahim is South Africa’s most distinguished pianist and a world-respected master musician. Born in Cape Town, Dollar Brand, as he became known, was exposed to a melting pot of cultural influences: African traditional music, Christian hymns, gospel tunes and spirituals, as well as American jazz, township and classical music. Out of this blend of the […]

Jazz artists go solo in lockdown

Later With Jools

Five solo piano albums released in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic give shape and sound to our search for meaning amid the isolation of the moment.

Blue Bolero from upcoming Abdullah Ibrahim solo piano album Solitude is streaming

We don’t often get ”earworms” but did back in 2016. The piece that became one was ‘Blue Bolero’ heard live. The artist, Abdullah Ibrahim (above: photo via Gearbox on Bandcamp). And now a later 2020 version of ‘Blue Bolero’ recorded in Germany from upcoming album Solotude is streaming. Nobody does stately grandeur and a sense of momentousness […]

Preorder Abdullah Ibrahim – Solotude Vinyl LP

Each year on October 9th, Abdullah Ibrahim performs a solo piano concert at the Hirzinger Hall in South Germany in order to celebrate his birthday. Due to lockdown restrictions last year, this traditional birthday concert was replaced with the opportunity to record a solo piano performance. Hirzinger Hall,  in Riedering, South East Germany, is famous for its incredible acoustics, […]

Gearbox Records release ‘Understanding the Balance with Abdullah Ibrahim’

Gearbox presents ‘Understanding ‘The Balance’ with Abdullah Ibrahima one-off online masterclass with pianist and composer Abdullah Ibrahim 10 segments, each 2 minutes long Available on Vimeo with password access Password and link will be received within 24hrs of purchase Each lesson is transcribed in the description below the video Watch the introductory clip: The sound of […]

Giants of Jazz – Dream Time

Tuesday, 23.03.2021 / 8 p.m. Prinzregententheater Catch-up date for April 21, 2020! Cards remain valid! “People don’t like Abdullah Ibrahim, they adore him.” The Guardian London 50 blinding years of distilled jazz / The Guardian London “The Great Warmth” Süddeutsche Zeitung 7/2019 “In the sold-out Prinzregententheater, Abdullah Ibrahim plays the enthusiastic audience in his solo […]

Honouring a special SA, Japan history

Japan SA

“As my term in South Africa draws to a close, allow me to share my thoughts in this column. I served in South Africa as a diplomat for a total of 21 years intermittently since 1987.”

Ibrahim: ‘n Blik tot anderkant die Melkweg

Abdullah Ibrahim City Press

Die storie begin dekades gelede toe Abdullah Ibrahim ’n leerling aan die Trafalgar High School in Distrik Ses was. Leergierig het hy gaan rondkrap in argiewe en opgelees oor Anthony van Japan, die eerste Japannees aan die Kaap wat as slaaf vir Zacharias Wagenaer (Jan van Riebeeck se
opvolger) gewerk het.